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Pamela Anderson Nude Most popular and desired Playboy bunny of all times Pamela Anderson has plenty to share about her public career and even more to show to her beloved fans. She has been acting, modeling and even sucking and fucking on tape like a true porn star in her long Celebrity Porn career. She became famous after playing a lifeguard in Baywatch series which lasted for 5 years. After which Pam was invited to her first Playboy photo shoot which sky rocketed her career even further. We still think this is her best look she had, however, in quest to please masses of big boob crazed men Pam went under the scalpel to become one of the first Playboy models to have enlarged breasts. She would adjust them twice later, but the next time she shocks the world was when her first Sex Tape with Bret Michaels hit The Internet. Then there was another one with her new husband Tommy Lee… And this is what we your are going to teel about on this blog!

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  11. I think Pamela Anderson is smoking hotttt, too bad tommy lee (piece of poop) gave her hep. if it wasn’t for that junk(hep) i would love to get some time with her.

    Tamica Wellington on 06 Oct 2010 at 12:59 pm #

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